Pipe Repair Bandage Applications

Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandage has numerous applications across a broad range of industries, including the following:

Industry Area of use Pipe bandage application
Agricultural General repairs Emergency repairs to engines, equipment, irrigation lines etc
Aluminium Processing, boiler rooms, sludge, slurry, water, steam pipes Emergency pipe repairs to sludge and chemical lines
Bauxite mines Processing plant, refinery - Alumina section, smelter - Alumina section Emergency pipe repairs to sludge and chemical lines
Coal mines Coal preparation, wash plants; water steam, slurry, sludge lines etc Emergency, temporary pipe repairs to leaking pipes
Coal, copper
and zinc Smelting
Processing; blast furnaces, water steam, sludge, slurry lines Emergency pipe repairs
Food manufacturing and processing Processing plant Emergency pipe repairs during 24 hour operations to chemical pipes, water lines and waste pipes
Gold mines Processing plant, chemical, sludge, slurry, by product waste lines and pipes Emergency repairs to chemical supply lines
Marine Engine room Emergency repairs to fuel lines, water pipes, oil lines etc
Marine and yacht chandlery General emergency repairs Emergency repairs to pipes, punctured hulls, jury rigs etc
Merchant shipping Engine room Emergency pipe repairs while at sea to fuel pipes, oil, water and waste lines. Damage control within engine room
Motor vehicle manufacturing Production manufacturing plant Emergency repairs to leaking water pipes and steam pipes
Paper manufacturing Pulp mill Emergency repairs to chemical, water and waste lines
Petroleum Oil, gas, water and supply lines Emergency pipe repairs to fuel, oil and gas lines
Power stations Ash transfer systems, pulverized fuel tubes, cooling water lines Emergency repairs to transfer systems and lines
Quarries Wash plants, leaking pipes within rock, gravel, granite and greenstone quarries Emergency repairs to leaking pipes
Steel sheet and
coil manufacturing
Processing, steam and water pipes Emergency pipe repairs until shut down
Steel smelter works Processing: blast furnaces, water, steam, waste product lines Emergency pipe repairs until shutdown
Sugar mills Corrosive fluid lines, abrasive product lines, general low pressure, water and steam lines Emergency repairs to corrosive, water, steam and abrasive lines
Timber mills Processing of wood paneling, ply and softwood Emergency repairs to chemical and water lines
Agricultrure Pipe Repairs
Offshore Pipe Repairs
Power Station Pipe Repairs
Industry Pipe Repairs
Engine Room Pipe Repairs
Power Industry Pipe Repairs
Farming Industry Pipe Repairs
Manufacturing Industry Pipe Repairs
Marine Pipe Repairs
Processing Plant Pipe Repairs
Fishing and Merchant Shipping Pipe Repairs
Machinery Pipe Repairs
Shipping Pipe Repairs
Offshore Industry Pipe Repairs


Rapp-it Pipe Repair Application Instructions;

Shut down pipes or hoses.
Clean damaged area of the pipe thoroughly, disposing of any foreign bodies.
Clean and roughen pipe surface to help result in a successful repair.
Apply Steel Putty to pipe
Activate pipe repair bandage, by soaking in temperate fresh water for 10 seconds.
The entire contents must be used once the package is opened.
Apply Rapp-it pipe repair bandage around the damaged ares, extending 50mm on either side of the leak.
Ensure the bandage is wrapped tight - tightness of the wrap is very important.
Quickly wrap the bandage firmly until completion.
Continue to apply pressure by hand moulding and squeezing the layers together in a tightening motion.
For the best result, manufacturers recommend the completed application be no less than 10mm in thickness
Allow a minimum of 30 minutes for Rapp-it Bandage to set rock-hard.

Pipe Repair Bandage activation
Shut down pipe, soak Rapp-it pipe repair in water for 10 seconds.
Pipe Repair bandage applied over steel putty
Wrap Rapp-it around pipe, over Steel Putty. Tighten firmly.
Completed pipe repair
Allow 30 minutes for Rapp-it pipe repair to set rock hard.


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