Pipe Repair Bandage Overview

Rapp-it is a roll of fibreglass bandage impregnated with water-activated resin which is ready to useonce the foil pouch is opened. You simply immerse Rapp-it in water for 10 seconds,then apply by wrapping around the damaged area. A successful repair can be achieved in 30 minutes.

A leaking or damaged pipe could threaten to shut down your entire operation,which could cost you thousands of dollars in delays. Leaks can happen anywhere, anytime and without warning.There’s no better product for instant on-the-job repairs. No wonder BHP and Mt Isa Mines stock and use Rapp-it.It’s essential to cover yourself and your company by stocking Rapp-it emergencyrepair kits. You never know when you’ll need Rapp-it!

Rapp-it Pipe Repair



Rapp-it Specifications

Resin Makeup:
Heat Resistance:
Set Time:
Chemical resistance:
Potable Water Testing:
150° C (300° F)
360 psi (2500kpa)
Copper, PVC, polypipe, metal, fibreglass, concrete
20 – 30 minutes, sets under water
Most diluted chemicals and fuels
Safe to use with drinking water
Rapp-it Pipe Repair Bandage



Rapp-it Sizes

There are four convenient sizes of Rapp-it pipe repair available:

RI 122

50mm x 3.6m
2” x 12’

RI 123

75mm x 3.6m
3” x 12’

RI 124

100mm x 3.6m
4” x 12’

RI 164

100mm x 4.8m
4” x 16’

RI 304

100mm x 9.0m
4” x 30’
Rapp-it and Steel Putty Pipe Repair

It is important you choose the correct size for your application. In some cases, multiple bandages may be required. Each package also contains a 50mm stick of Rapp-it Steel Putty, and a pair of gloves.



Immersion testing results

Ethyl Alcohol No visible change. No softening of bandage
MEK Moderate discolouration. No softening of bandage
Acetone - No visible change. No softening of bandage
Hydrochloric Acid 30% Severe discolouration (bandage turned deep yellow- green). No softening of bandage
Sulfuric Acid 92% Severe discolouration. No softening of bandage
Caustic Soda 50% Slight colour change. No softening of bandage
Toluene No visible change. No softening of bandage
Gasoline No visible change. No softening of bandage.
Diesel Fuel Slight colour change. No softening of bandage.



Rapp-it Pipe Repair Application Instructions;

Shut down pipes or hoses.
Clean damaged area of the pipe thoroughly, disposing of any foreign bodies.
Clean and roughen pipe surface to help result in a successful repair.
Apply Steel Putty to pipe
Activate pipe repair bandage, by soaking in temperate fresh water for 10 seconds.
The entire contents must be used once the package is opened.
Apply Rapp-it pipe repair bandage around the damaged ares, extending 50mm on either side of the leak.
Ensure the bandage is wrapped tight - tightness of the wrap is very important.
Quickly wrap the bandage firmly until completion.
Continue to apply pressure by hand moulding and squeezing the layers together in a tightening motion.
For the best result, manufacturers recommend the completed application be no less than 10mm in thickness
Allow a minimum of 30 minutes for Rapp-it Bandage to set rock-hard.

Pipe Repair Bandage activation
Shut down pipe, soak Rapp-it pipe repair in water for 10 seconds.
Pipe Repair bandage applied over steel putty
Wrap Rapp-it around pipe, over Steel Putty. Tighten firmly.
Completed pipe repair
Allow 30 minutes for Rapp-it pipe repair to set rock hard.


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